Where is the Accept button, for Lead list?


Recently someone asked me how to get Accept button for Lead/Case, on list view?

The answer could be simple. But point here is, not everyone knows that Accept button is treated differently from other standard buttons. And hence, many of the seasoned professionals too struggle to get it right first time.

People often wonder, “I have checked Accept button in the list view layout but why is Accept button still not appearing on List view?”

Standard Accept Button Checked

Well, the answer is Queues.
Just go and create a Queue for Lead/Case and Accept button will start appearing on the list view screen.

So, here are some of the steps for getting Accept button visible on list views.

Step 1: Create Queue

Create a Queue for Lead

Step 2: Go to list view
You will notice that your newly created Lead Queue appears in the list view dropdown and when selected, the Accept button is visible.

Lead Queue list view

Hope that’s helpful


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